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Bellaire, founded in 1908 by William Wright Baldwin, was originally isolated by a six-mile buffer zone of prairie from Houston. Known as the Vice President of the Burlington Railroad, Baldwin created Bellaire

Bellaire was founded in 1908 by William Wright Baldwin, who was the president of the South End Land Company. Baldwin, a native of Iowa, was well known as the vice president of the Burlington Railroad.

Six miles of the prairie was a buffer zone between Houston and Bellaire.

the small-town vibe that mixes quite nicely with its easy access to big city comforts


tree-lined streets, a good number of parks, and award-winning schools

Bellaire was incorporated as a city with a general charter in 1918, ten years after its founding. Bellaire had a population of 200 at the time.

a twelve-family farm town into a verdant enclave of shaded streets and beautiful homes, beloved for its small-town spirit and big-city proximity.

Our compact footprint––a neat span of 3.5 square miles––has remained essentially unchanged since the city’s incorporation, making Bellaire not only a place of friendly waves and familiar faces, but also a setting where families enjoy the kind of focused attention from their city that makes for meaningful participation and real peace of mind.

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