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1701 Commonwealth Mural

At 1701 Commonwealth there is a hidden house that was converted into the neighborhood hangout spot called The Flat. But before you go in, check out the mural that is painted on the outside of the building by Houston artist Daniel Anguilu.

Warby Parker Mural

At 645 Heights Blvd you will find a mural created for Warby Parker by two local artists, Andy Rementer and Creighton Tynes. They created this to showcase the fun and vibrant styles of glasses that Warby Parker provides.

Greetings from Houston

Located at 3602 White Oak Drive is an Italian gelato shop with a mural painted on the left side of the building that greets anyone passing by. This mural was created by Daniel Angulu, who captured all things Houston!

Montrose Paint Wall

Biscuit Paint Wall is located on the side of Biscuit Home which is located at 1435 Westheimer Road. The wall was created by artist Sebastien who had the creative task to bring Biscuit’s Home personality to reflect on the outside.

Let’s Preserve the Creation

Check out one of Houston’s largest murals that is located in Midtown! This mural was designed for the Arts “Open Door” project. It took a month to finish and over 500 cans of spray paint to create it. Located at 2800 San Jacinto Street.

Houston is Inspired

This mural has become a landmark to Bayou City. This mural was developed for an advertising campaign back in 2013 to promote the culinary and art scene in Houston. Artist Mario Figueroa created this movement for the past and still retains for the future. Located at 420 Travis Street

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