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Beth Wolff Realtors Expands to Austin

Beth Wolff Realtors was founded in 1978 by native Houstonian, Beth Wolff, to serve Houston with expertise and exceptional service in the residential real estate marketplace. Under Beth’s guidance and vision, the company has expanded with the city to include investment analysis, relocation consulting, commercial transactions, development planning, and new construction partnerships. As Houston and Texas have grown, the company network has expanded exponentially.

Beth Wolff Realtors has decided to expand to Austin to continue building upon these relationships.

Spearheaded by long-time Austin resident Lawrence Jay Sternberg, the newest location marks a commitment to superior customer service in a “new” market for the company. Beth Wolff, Founder and Chairman, has many ties in the Austin area through her alma mater, The University of Texas, her association with local charitable organizations, and extended family living in the city for decades. As Texas continues to thrive, the management of Beth Wolff Realtors recognized an opportunity to assist more clients by having a dedicated team to support Austin.

We are excited to introduce you to Lawrence “LJ” Sternberg.

A native Texan and UT Business graduate, Lawrence “LJ” Sternberg has lived in Austin for over twenty years and has been investing in local real estate since.

After a career in technology, Lawrence decided to pursue his life’s passion full-time in real estate. Bringing his extensive experience in Sales & Business Development, Proposal Authoring, Negotiation, and Technical Project Management to his clients’ transactions provide a professional approach that delivers results.

About Lawrence:

  • 20+ Years of Experience in Real Estate Investments in Austin
  • Resident of Westover Hills for 15 of the past 20 years
  • Extensive Experience/Contacts include:  Investments, Property Management, Property Tax, and Permits
  • Consulting background perfect for a broad spectrum of clients in unique situations
  • Highly approachable and ready to help

Beth Wolff Realtors’ commitment to our clients remains the unwavering foundation of our organization. We are excited for the opportunity to grow in our scope of support of our Houston clientele with interests in Austin, as well as all of the current and newfound relationships in this vibrant location.

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That’s why we don’t sell houses, we build this beautiful community!

In our 41st year as a real estate brokerage in Houston, Texas and in my 26th year of selling or managing the sale of real estate in Houston, Texas, the one thing I have learned is that I will never live long enough to have “Seen It All.” Every transaction and every client is different and the needs or requirements of each have unique situations that we encounter and deal with based on those circumstances. The benefit of the experiences we have had is that we can recognize potential issues and recall solutions from similar situations to resolve these issues before they occur.

The purchase and sale of real property is the largest investment most people make in their lives. Aside from the protection of this major aspect, it is also the place where families are raised, pets come and go, neighbors become friends and a sense of home is created for all who reside there. This is why we take our responsibilities so seriously. In a world where papers are signed with the click of a button and decisions are being made in nanoseconds, we have to step back and make sure that the things our clients are not thinking about or asking come to the forefront.

It is not the answers to the questions you ask that are most important, it is the questions you never knew to ask that matter most. 

I hope this blog will provide insight and answers and sometimes entertaining anecdotes about the world of real estate in Houston and sometimes beyond. I look forward to sharing more with you and am eager to hear what you think.

Thank you for your interest and engagement.