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Tropical Storm Nicholas – Be Safe… Be Aware…


The most important thing in any storm is you and your family! Beth Wolff Realtors wants you to remain safe and prepared in the event a storm hits. There is the potential for Tropical Storm Nicholas to impact the greater Houston area with varying degrees of damaging wind and rain. We advise that the best time to prepare is today and remember the following in the coming days:


  • For the most current information on what to do and how to prepare for a storm click the following link:
  • Protecting life and health is always first. Property can be replaced, however you are irreplaceable.
  • If you see high water, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”. It is hard to determine how deep water is until it is too late.


  • Have flash-lights available throughout your home
  • Portable radios are good if the power goes out
  • Keep plenty of batteries for the above items
  • Have at least a gallon of drinking water for each person in the home
  • If possible charge any battery storage devices that can charge your phone if the power goes out. See the attached PDF from NOAA with other valuable information


Remove all tree limbs close to your roof or dead foliage that may fall during heavy wind. Secure all outdoor furniture and items that may be picked up by heavy winds. These items can become projectiles that may cause damage to your home or your neighbors. Check to make sure all doors and windows are shut and locked, they may blow open during high winds. All electronics should have surge protectors or be unplugged. Power can surge on and off during a storm and may damage equipment. If you live in a low lying area and you are staying home, think about parking a car somewhere higher so you will still have a vehicle after the storm.

If you can, check on your neighbors to make sure they are safe and ready for the storm.


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